Amanda and Brodys Training DiaryAs I work through training my young horse, educating myself on Behavioural Analysis, Learning Theory, studying with some of the worlds leaders in those fields and as I take others through positive reinforcement training with their horses and dogs, I want to share with you the ups and downs, the training solutions we find and the journey taken through the training.

The training I use has its roots firmly in equine behaviour, behavioural analysis, a solid understanding of learning and the applications of, not so much positive reinforcement training, but FEAR FREE training.

If my horse is not understanding what I have asked then the first place I have to look for the change is within what I am doing; the horses are always right.

I hope you enjoy the diary.  Feel free to ask questions, comment, share your own experiences and more.


“Amanda is a horse trainer and behaviour consultant. She teaches you how to train your horse based on understanding behaviour and using a FEAR FREE training approach. This builds trusting and cooperative relationships which are long lasting.

It seamlessly blends an excellent knowledge of horse health and well-being with skilled behavioural analysis and fear free horse handling skills.”

Amanda is available for 1-2-1 and group training, behavioral consultations, problem behaviour consultations, educational presentations, demos and more.