Balance…no compromise

I can’t compromise on balance, emotional and physical, when I work with horses. It’s what keeps them sound of body and mind.

When I teach I may seem obsessed with the detail. I am. I am obsessed with teaching the detail of physical balance that means we have the least amount of extinction to work on… thus protecting emotional balance.

If physical balance is relaxed then the behaviours taught need to be refined which means the balance the horse learned early on has to be extinguished for the preferred balance. Extinction can be an emotionally painful process. As such, I focus on the correct physical balance and thus protect emotional balance.

By microshaping physical balance emotional balance is also built on. With teaching a microshaping approach the correct balance is taught from the start, extinction is at a micro level and thus, emotional and physical balance are built on from the outset. Compromise on teaching emotional and physical balance is not an option for me.


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