Is My Learner Enjoying the Training

Brody has never really used the field shelter, aka my office, so I decided to take some of his bedding from his stable in to the shelter to make it more appealing for him. It worked.

To make sure he felt safe in there I did some training with him where I taught him how he could go in and turn around. That way he can stand in the shelter with his head out and still see and hear what is going on outside.

He was so comfortable with the training steps I put in place that he started offering collected halt and piaffe while in there. What a boy.

As you can see from the blue tarp under his feet, we weren’t quite finished with the bedding yet. But Brody had called me back to play….I was headed back up the field to get more bedding and Brody was following me, looking rather peeved that the game was stopping, then he ran back down to his field shelter and stood like this. How could I not go back to play with him.20160925_181356.jpg I love this horse.


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