Animals Cue The Trainer

Last night was foot trimming night for Brody. I would show him which part I wanted to trim and he would either cooperate or not.

When he didn’t cooperate I changed the trimming plan, showed him the plan and kept altering the plan until i found the option that he was cooperative with.

When I say cooperate I mean: he put his foot on the stand for me, no lifting or holding legs from me. If I went ‘off agreed plan’ he removed his foot. I then had to work hard to convince him I would stick to the plan. Then he would let me know which trim plan he was OK with.

The end result….his feet look just amazing. Probably the best trim I have ever given him. Probably the most frustrating as it REALLY tested me as a trainer ensuring my horse really did have an equal part to play in, not just that he got his feet teimmed, but what trim he got. It was all his design.

Brody really sets the bar high!!


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