Find a place for your passion

“We cannot find a new passion. We can only find better places for our passion to flourish.”
Simon Sinek

This resonates with me for my passion for improving (from the learners perspective) how we train animals. I have had many unpleasant reactions from people along the way and that can be challenging. Some of those unpleasant experiences have ranged from simple verbal comments right through to putting me and my horse(s) in physical danger.

Finding like minded people to share my passion with is not the same as finding people who simply reinforce my opinions. It’s about finding like minded people who challenge my opinions to make me think more deeply about my belief systems.

Being comfortable with the frequent check of my belief systems to ensure they hold true, or adjust when required (usually in a blinding epiphany!) helps me when around those who do not share, nor care to try to understand, my passion.

Here’s to finding like minded people who encourage my passion to flourish by challenging my belief systems.


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