SEEKER Activation

Recently I have been working with a horse who’s SEEKER system was switched off. He’s very angry and shuts people out when he doesn’t like what they have to offer. He’s had many years of practising this behaviour pattern.

In his first session we had to facilitate a change for him.  To facilitate a change in emotion we had to facilitate a change in the environment so that the cues he is used to were gone, or changed sufficiently that they looked different, perhaps even interesting.

We had a whole 10min of him engaged, enthusiastic and smiling! His SEEKER system is coming back to life.

The rules of the game we presented….he was never wrong no matter what he offered. And he learned how to cue his humans.

He’s had 21 years of learning harsh life lessons about humans. It’s a lot of unpicking to do but we are one step forward and it’s really exciting.


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