Do I Predict Good or Bad?

We determine what animals like and dislike by observing their behaviour and assessing what they invite back and what they don’t.
Paraphrased from the clinic with Susan Friedman.

Years ago I was told; every time you go to your horse ask them if I bring good things or bad things. Although the person who told me didn’t realise the significance of following through to say that is all about observing behaviour, they still understood the principal. That has stuck with me all this time and now I’m hearing it again in the context of behaviour analysis through Susan Friedman.

In line with my previous post….if you predict bad things and your horse is unable to switch that cue off then they lose the perception of control.  Control, at least partially, over ones environment is the biggest +R we can give.  If our horses are unable to switch of the cue that is their own handler then we better get good at bringing good things to their lives.  Now we need to understand how to tell if we bring good or bad.

If we bring good things their behaviour indicates they want more.  They invite us in to their lives, their space and their emotions.


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