The 80% Rule and Microshaping Strategy, Part C

The Microshaping Strategy (Kay Laurence) continued;
Previously…and how to set microshaping up for success;
a) aim for 95-100% success in each approximation. Let’s face it, if we only hit the car brakes in 80% of emergencies we’d be in trouble šŸ˜‰
b) have a base, or starting, behaviour that is conducive moving to the next correct approximation.”
And now to c)…..
c) Ā reinforcement patterns (note; this is not reinforcement ratios or schedules). Change the pattern of where you place the reinforcer to “modulate motor patterns” (to get the right motor patterns practiced in the learners body).
Build ‘flexibility’ in how the behaviour looks because it will naturally look different in each environment, e.g. a sit on grass will be slightly different to a sit on lino or a pavement (sidewalk).
By building flexibility we are accommodating the learner and facilitating creativity.

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