Are we on the same page?

This is such an important lesson…for every facet of our lives.

Mutual Purpose—Creating safety by assuring others that you care about their best interests and goals. More often than not, your goals will be compatible, but the strategies you developed to meet these goals are opposing.

We need to step back from the assumptions we make in life. For horses, this can be; he’s spooking at his own shadow, he’s just trying to wind me up etc. This is a challenge as we are designed to assume and fill in gaps. Its what our brains so well. So stepping back from assumptions and seeing things fro the others perspective is a skill that needs to be learned.

The good news is that skills can be learned, and as mentioned in yesterdays post, the first step is to do a skill scan to see which skills we need to put in place to allow us to think of others stories before we jump to conclusions and judge them.


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