Something Appropriate ‘To Do’

Out walking Kanha this morning I was delighted to see how the gentleman coming towards us dealt with passing us.

I saw he had his dog, looked like an English bull cross, on a lead so I immediately put Kanha on her lead. He had his dog on a very short lead and he (the man) seemed tense. It was a narrow pathway so I decided to find a bit of a clearing in the undergrowth to get Kanha and myself off the path and let him have as much space as I could give him as he looked like he might appreciate it.

Just as he got to within about 5 feet of passing us he threw a dog toy down just off to the side, the dog grabbed it and they walked past us with no issue, dog with chew in mouth.

I was delighted to see a thoughtful dog owner in my neighbourhood…if you don’t want your dog to practice certain behaviours then, instead of punishing what you don’t want, give them something else to do instead that you can reinforce.

As they successfully went past us, with no issues at all, he said thank you and off they went. I would have liked to have been ale to chat with him to find out where he had learned that and if he knew more….but that was not the time nor the place.

10 out 10 Mr Local Dog Owner


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