How High Should I Jump?

Discretionary Effort; where an animal trained with +R puts in more effort/energy to a learned behaviour than was originally taught with. There is no cap to the amount of effort they are prepared to put in.

This is in comparison with animals taught traditionally. In this situation the animal will put only the amount of effort required to avoid unwanted consequences.

This makes the behaviours (despite being the same behaviour) look different and that difference is what we are aiming for; better cadence, balance, motivation, etc.

The relationship built out of +R training makes the same behaviours look different, better.


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  1. If you want to know why you should feed with treats in your pocket, it is this. When we talk about clicker-trained animals being different, it is this offering of more that we are often referring to. We call it many names: Joy, happiness, enthusiasm. These are hard to define, hard to measure, but discretionary effort is science-based, and it does indeed give a very different look to behaviors which are taught with positive reinforcement and well-structured teaching plans.

    Alexandra Kurland
    The Click That Teaches


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