When to Tackle ‘Problem Behaviours’

problem ragwort

Ignoring a potential problem can allow it to grow out of control

Years ago I heard the statement; if you ignore problem behaviours when they are not yet a major problem, at some point you won’t be able to ignore them any more (Alexandra Kurland).

Its a great statement and its so true.  When I was younger I used to work on a riding school and livery yard each weekend.  One of the jobs I hated was pulling ragwort from the field.  We had to do it by hand and it was a huge job.  It would take days.  And it taught me a lesson.


Learn to spot issues when they are small and easy to fix


The lesson I learned was, if you don’t want to break your back pulling huge ragwort plants then get good at spotting them early.  If we think about that in terms of behaviour then the better we are at spotting when things are not going to plan, the subtle objections or questions from our learner, the less likely we are to have a huge intimidating job to tackle to fix it.


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